Lawcommonroom has, during the Christmas period, managed to squeeze in this interview with a leading junior who has been ranked highly as one of the “Stars at the Bar” – Barrister Can Yeginsu.

Lawcommonroom: You completed your LLB at City University of London icyeginsun 2007. Can you please tell us about your time there?

Can: I very much enjoyed my time at City. I had been working as a management consultant before switching to the law and was particularly grateful to find myself surrounded by such a diverse and dynamic set of fellow students.

You obtained a First Class Honours LLB degree at City. Did you receive any facilities or materials from City that helped you achieve this outstanding result?

It is the quality of teaching that marked out City for me. I learned a great deal when I was there and certain tutors were instrumental in my development. Nicholas Hatzis’ example informs my own teaching style at the universities where I now lecture.

The Bar is notoriously competitive to get into. What made you pursue a career as a barrister?

I was, as with many applicants, drawn to the advocacy and the freedom to develop one’s own practice in a number of areas of the law, without feeling straitjacketed into one or two areas of specialism. The Bar is competitive but it is also a place where hard work pays off.

Your chambers are one of the most commercially minded sets. In your opinion, how can future lawyers become commercially aware?

I worked before coming to the Bar, which was very helpful. But the reality of managing one’s own practice (i.e. business) hits fairly quickly into tenancy!

You appear frequently in the High Court. The most memorable case so far?

I doubt I will ever forget being instructed by telephone on a Tuesday evening to apply for an injunction to prevent the 3 time Epsom Derby winner Kieren Fallon from riding in the Epsom Derby on the following Saturday. Those proceedings involved the Court of Appeal sitting late on Friday and Jackson LJ somehow managing to hand down a reasoned judgment on a Saturday morning. The High Court had not granted the injunction we had sought but our appeal was successful and Mr Fallon was prohibited from riding in the race that day (which my leader and I attended as guests of our client).

You have been at 4 New Square for more than 6 years. What do you like best about your chambers?

The people. Chambers is a forward-looking set of chambers full of very talented advocates and capable clerks but it’s the camaraderie at all levels which makes it such a pleasant place to work on a day to day level.

Your first book ‘The Protection for Religious Rights’ tackles the legal protections of religious rights. What inspired this book?

The inspiration came from reading cases from courts all over the world in which judges were being asked to adjudicate on sensitive and (invariably) difficult issues relating to the freedom of/from religion.

You were awarded a Princess Royal Scholarship on the BPTC. What was the process getting a scholarship from the Inner Temple?

An interview. To its great credit, Inner Temple interviews every single applicant. The Education and Training Department at the Inn is exceptional in the support it provides to aspiring barristers.

What do chambers look for in future barristers?

In no particular order: motivation, ability, commitment and an esprit de corps.

  • Year of call? 2007
  • Interests? History; international affairs; literature
  • Fun fact? Very close to leaving school to pursue a career in football (which would have ended in abject failure).


Can Yeginsu completed his LLB degree at City, University of London. He is a barrister who combines a strong practice in international arbitration and commercial litigation while also fostering human rights and international law practice. 

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