By Lawcommonroom

Christmas is by far the best time of the year and it’s no wonder many of us can be seen counting down from November. However, there are five Christmas struggles law students face during this festive season…

  1. Uni work isn’t overgiphy-45

Don’t fool yourself into thinking Christmas means no Uni work. Don’t forget you missed that coursework deadline in the last week of term, despite getting an extended deadline and you have exams as soon as you get back. You can’t physically remember anything your lecturer taught you in September – how are you supposed to learn a semesters worth of work in 3 weeks?

  1. Mini-pupillages and Winter Vac schemestyping-1

Tis the season for applications and boosting your CVs. Christmas isn’t the time for jingle bells and chicken stuffing, it’s time for applying for minis and winter vacation schemes. Many top firms’ deadlines for vacation schemes applications are at the end of January, so if you apply in Christmas, you’ll have plenty of time to perfect your applications. If you don’t apply during Christmas, you’ll miss the deadlines and with all the competition from Uxbridge students, you dare not.

  1. Being asked for legal advicegiphy

Your best friend, your Dad, your mum’s friend and even your cat have asked you for some legal advice at least once. Why they think you’re qualified to give legal advice or assume you know what you’re doing at law school is beyond you. You’re tempted to scream but you try to let them down gently by signposting them to free legal advice centres.

  1. Christmas shopping still isn’t donebroke-2

…because you’re broke. With an almost empty bank account that has been rinsed on Starbucks coffee, highlighters and expensive law textbooks, you find yourself without any Christmas shopping. You enviously watch your Facebook friends post pictures of their huge Christmas tree and delicious Christmas shopping. You’re under so much pressure to get people good presents so you embrace your creative side and try hand making presents this year. After all, it’s the thought that counts right?

  1. And before you know it Christmas is overkkk.gif

In between staying on top of applications, revision, wrapping presents and helping Mum with the Christmas dinner, you’ve forgotten to actually have fun. It suddenly sinks in that you’re never going to have a full month off for Christmas again. At this point, you feel like you’ve wasted a month by staying in and revising.

And finally…

On a final note, while it’s important to ensure that you’re on top of everything, you need to relax too. It’s been a tough few months so make sure you make time to catch up on sleep and avoid burn out. This way, you’ll be recharged and full of energy for the next semester in January.


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