By Christianah Babajide

When you reach the second year of law school, partying is no longer a priority, reading actually takes place during the reading week and you find yourself attending lectures, not because you want to but because you have to.

Instead, you find yourself overdosing on coffee and pulling all-nighters in the law library.

In her latest piece, Lawcommonroom Christianah Babajide writes about the tell-tale signs of being a second year at City, University of London…

  1. mummy-the-1999-001-rachel-weiszYou see the librarian more than your loved ones

You’ve pulled so many all-nighters at the law library, that you see the librarian more than your family and friends. You’d even go as far as saying you’re BFFs with the librarian. You just wish she was a lecturer in law who could help you when you’re struggling with essays. It’s just unfortunate that she delivers books, not answers.

  1. Coffee becomes your best friendraw.gif

Now that you’re in the second year, you have to accept coffee as your one true love. Not only is coffee the ultimate solution to that dreadful 9 am EU lecture and all-nighter, it’s also the solution to surviving a law degree. You can’t expect to memorise all these case laws and legislations without it. Luckily for you, City university has a Costa and many coffee shops on campus, just remember to beat the queue ahead of your classmates!

  1. i-hate-all-of-youYou Hate All Freshers

You were like them once, so happy and full of life. Now that you’re in the toughest year of your course, you don’t have time for fun. You can’t help but look at them in disdain. After all, they are the ones that have the audacity to complain about a 2,000-word essay when you have to write triple that word count. Of course, they are also the seat hoggers of the best spots in the library and the ones that make the most noise in the Silent Area. Why are they even in the library – their first year doesn’t even count…

  1. tumblr_inline_mun42kbvsz1rnvwt1.gifYou find yourself attending lectures (& tutorials)

Part of the reason you’re queuing up for coffee at Starbucks is because you’re headed to that dreadful morning lecture. Gone were the days in the first year where you slept in and didn’t worry about the missed lecture or were able to submit a mediocre essay and scrape a 2.1. Now that you’re in the second year, if you so much as miss 10 minutes of a Tort lecture, you might as well have missed the whole lecture because you’re now behind and are finding it difficult to follow what the professor is saying.

  1. Applications are the bane of your lifetyping-1.gif

In your penultimate year, it’s all about applications. You’re told to apply to this and apply to that. From Vacation Schemes and Training Contract applications to Open Days and Insight Days. You’ll soon find that these applications are taking over your life. Luckily, City has a world-class Careers Service who is there to look over applications and aid with psychometric tests.

  1. You suck up to your Professorssuck up.gif

Yeah we know, nobody likes a suck-up but sometimes it has to be done! Professors are human beings too and how they feel about you will influence how useful they choose to be. So next time you see your professor, say hello, try to pay attention in lectures and participate in tutorials.Also, let’s not forget, the professors are the ones that write our recommendations, so it won’t harm to be in their good books.

  1. You’re excited about final yeargiphy

The second year is the toughest because it’s packed with the worst and hardest subjects. Because of this, you look forward to your final year, where you can pick some easy modules that won’t require too much brain power. For once you’re in control of what you’re learning, all of a sudden, revising doesn’t seem so bad…

  1. But you hate being asked this questionreally.gif

That dreaded question: “So what are your plans after you graduate?” The one that every second-year student is probably tired of hearing already. This question either comes from a family member or another student. You’re just trying to survive The Hunger Games and take each day as they come along. But instead, you find yourself bombarded with discussions about ‘the future’, post-grad study and summer vacation schemes. Can everyone just chill out for the moment and ask again in a final year, thanks!

  1. 200_sBecause deep down, you’re scared

You’re scared because all the third-years tell you that they barely passed second-year. You’re scared because you’re aware this year could either make or break your potential law career. You’re scared because your essays keep coming back as a 2.2 and you know law firm’s requirement is a 2.1 or higher. You’re so scared that the librarian has found you sobbing quietly in the corner on numerous occasions… there-there.

  1. You can’t wait for Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly. You’re aware that this Christmas isn’t really a ‘holiday’ when you have deadlines and January exams but you’re excited all the same. Because holidays aren’t packed with 9 am lectures, back to back seminars or the need to rise at the crack of dawn. Christmas mean sleeping in and revising in the comfort of your own home – whilst wearing those comfy pyjamas. Christmas even means procrastinating and not feeling too bad about it – because hey, it’s Christmas!

& on that note, the Lawcommonroom would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas!


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